Soft Strength.

My softness whispers Man My tears bleed Man The lightness of my voice speaks Man The air in my step moves Man The thickness of my mane roars Man All of this man Frightening Beautiful.

Kusatenda Huroyi.

Nguva zhinji ndinokanganwa Kutenda Kukumbira Kubvunza Kuda   Nguva zhinji ndinokurumidza Kushora Kutora Kufungidzira Kuvenga Often times I forget to give thanks to ask to understand to love Often times I am quick to disparage to take to assume to hate  


Four years ago I fell in love. This was the kind of love where it makes you a better person. The kind of love where you begin to realize your own worth, capabilities and shortcomings. After years of not loving myself, of walking with my head hung low I finally found love. A love that … More Unfaithful.

Unpacking Six Months.

Change is never easy for anyone, but for me, change is my worst nightmare. Change is my Boogieman meets Freddy Krueger. Moving for me I have come to realize is not just packing my belongings and flying or driving to a new place. Moving for me is a complete internal upheaval. Everything moves. I have … More Unpacking Six Months.

My Shitty Country.

You should walk down First Street in Harare just before summer starts. You should smell the scent of the purple jacaranda flowers, it is a mixture of petrol and sugar, a scent that excites my senses. You should meet a Zimbabwean vendor at Avondale flea market, trying to sell you a wooden knobkerrie of NyamiNyami … More My Shitty Country.