Behind The Scenes


Since I was six I have been a Manchester United fan, back then I was only a fan because my elder brother and my uncle looked cool when they wore their red t-shirts. Also from that time I always remember that Manchester United was the team to beat. They were a formidable team and they dominated the English Premier League. I loved supporting them because they rarely lost a match and their formation was second to none. People said the team was so successful because of David Beckham and that without him to shoot his excellent corner kicks Manchester United would not succeed.


I believed them but I never admitted it! I would always say it’s the team that is good not David. In 2003 when David Beckham left the Red Devils, people began to predict United’s imminent demise. I myself began to worry would my team survive without our Golden Boy? I was not confident but I never let this show to my friends lest I be mocked and teased. However Manchester United did not stop winning they just got better. Over the next few season’s new stars were born Wayne Rooney and Cristiano Ronaldo. With these two as forwards my team became unstoppable. Interestingly after scoring forty two goals in one season Ronaldo also left but this did not stop the team from thriving. So neither Beckham nor Ronaldo were the secret weapon yet I never stopped to ask what kept Manchester United at the top. In my mind it was just a good team fortunate to keep winning.


Then after twenty seven years of managing Manchester United Sir Alex Ferguson retired. After winning a total of thirty two cups including thirteen Premier League championships his time had come to an end. I was not worried about my team for in my mind it was “the team” that just kept winning because they could. Alas this was not the case at all. After Sir Alex left Manchester United find themselves outside the top five in the league which is something I and many others had come to think was just not humanly possible. I asked myself why? And after some careful thought I realised that winning and staying at the top was not a direct result of the players rather it was directly because of the man behind the scenes. Sir Alex Ferguson


For all these years he had kept the team together and was the one who worked tirelessly strategizing and thinking of formations for his players to execute. He would spot talent and nurture it and would play on his team’s strength. This to only showed me how so often we do not give enough credit to the people behind the scenes.


The people who dedicate their lives to making us the Ronaldo’s and Rooney’s of this world. I would not be who I am if it were not for the sacrifices made by people who go unnamed and choose to stay in the shadows. The end result of these people’s work is me. I am the one the world sees and admires and celebrates yet I do not deserve any of the credit. The same way I as Manchester united fan gave praise to Beckham and Ronaldo instead of Sir Alex.


To the people in my life who make me who I am. My father, my mother, my friends, my brothers hats off to you. When people tell me they like my writing in my head I think of my father who spent hours making me come up with grammatically correct sentences. When people tell me they like my funny black t-shirts I think of my brother who picked them out for me.


When people commend you or celebrate your achievements at work or at school. When someone stops you to tell you how kind or well-mannered you are; stop and silently give credit to the man behind the scenes. Give credit to the behind the stage crew in your life who inspired the things you are passionate about today.


As for my team Manchester United we urgently need a new man behind the scenes.



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