Sadza and Tripe.


Beginning of November I decided that I was not going to go home instead I was going to stay on campus and “enjoy” time with my friends. I really did not want to go home, life at school was easier. Free internet, all my friends around me and free ice skating and canoeing what more could I want! I could always see my family and friends back home in June and it would be just fine.


Then one day I had the strongest craving ever! I think I now understand what pregnant women go through. I was having a conversation with two of my friends and we were talking about traditional foods back home. I should have had the foresight to see that this conversation was not what I needed in my life at that moment but I did not. We took turns talking about our favourite dishes and how they were made and how our mother’s added that extra ingredient to give that dish the ‘oh my!’ taste.


The dish I missed most was Sadza and Tripe. To all my fellow Zimbo’s who are away from home and love this dish you know what I mean. Honestly before I came to South Africa I never really liked it that much, I would always complain when we ate it at home. But being away from home does things to you. Here I was telling my friends how amazing and delicious a plate of sadza and tripe is. (It truly is)


After that conversation I just knew I had to go back home. I had to have sadza and tripe. Also I realised if I had the opportunity to go see my family then why should I turn it down? Life after all is too short to procrastinate. I know people who desperately miss home and have missed out on life changing experience’s that took place without them. I was going to go home and appreciate having the family I have. I was not going to stay and have fun with my friends around Christmas, I was going to the place where I could enjoy sadza and tripe during Christmas-my home.


These are the simple things in life which give us boundless joy and should not be taken for granted because someday I may not have the choice to go home or not.



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