Death Of Good Deeds


Good Deeds


No, this is not a review about Tyler Perry’s movie.


When was the last you did a good deed? Genuinely took time to do something for someone and did not in the slightest expect them to one day return a favour. When was the last time you did something for someone and did not do it as a long term investment that would pay back dividends when the time was right? The doubt or uncertainty in your mind right now is exactly what is wrong with our society.


A few days ago my friend was asked by someone to do them a favour, my friend said no I’m sorry I cannot right now because my friend was busy at the time. This person replied saying “but I helped you out the last time-I did you a favour remember?” My busy friend then reluctantly obliged to do what he had been asked. What I found wrong about this person was that because they did my friend a favour, a show of good will, a good deed, they expected my friend to reciprocate. But is that what a good deed is?


In today’s society people have long since stopped to do good deeds. Instead we have “favours”; we go out of our time to help people so that they will in turn help us when it is convenient. People do not just do good deeds anymore. You only go to volunteer at the orphanage because at the back of your mind you know it will look good on your resume. We only give to the less fortunate because we will feel better about ourselves and also that we look like good people to our neighbours. You only helped that friend of a friend to get a job so that you could have someone you could call in favours at that big firm. Favours have become a form of currency and the rich are those who have a lot stocked up.


We live in a capitalist world where countries and firms only help when it benefits them or favours them directly or indirectly. America will intervene in Libya and DRC but not Chad because economically they benefit from Libya and DRC. Chad has nothing substantial to offer so they will watch from a distance. Madonna will adopt a child from Malawi but not Indiana because her album and perfume line will sale better if she comes out on a newspaper holding a “poor African child”. It’s not that she actually wants to help the child or that America really cares about these countries but them pretending to care or doing these good deeds will enrich them.  This sort of capitalist behaviour has trickled down to us a people in our day to day lives. We criticise these people and countries yet we do it ourselves.


As you read, think how many times you have been guilty of doing this because I know I have plenty a time. But as we move into 2014 I hope we (the people reading this) try to make a collective effort to start doing genuine good deeds without expecting anything in return. Doing good for the sake of good. I know it sounds cheesy especially with the world today but I still believe it is possible. I have met people who are kind and honest and live their lives constantly helping others because they believe it to be right; the problem is that the world does not have enough of them. I am from now on going to stop investing in people but instead live a life where I invest in doing good deeds that bring happiness to somebody’s life.


Happy New Year People.



2 thoughts on “Death Of Good Deeds

  1. This is oh so true…even the capitalist in me prompts me to ask, what have I to gain from my association with this person? it is something we ought to separate ourselves from. Happy new year 🙂

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