I Think Therefore I Am.


To think for me is to make choices and deciding what you want and why? Thinking is arriving to difficult decisions after long deliberation. It is remembering your responsibilities and knowing your weaknesses. Being is living. Existing is breathing, eating and sleeping. For me to exist I must supply myself with the fundamental things that will allow me to continue existing.

For me to know and make conscious decisions to exist I must be able to think. Thinking will enable me to listen to my own body and provide it with the core essentials that will sustain my existence. Existing will lead me to being. Being is moving from just existing and elevating one’s self to the next echelon of Living.

Being is dealing with your emotions as well as others. Responding and reacting to Life. Loving and being loved. Hurting and being hurt. Crying and laughing. Knowing who you are and what you stand for in this world. Being.

If I were not able to think I would not exist making it impossible for me to be. The question is however, how do you respond to Life and all it offers the good and the bad? Are you existing or are you being? What do you, I, we stand for? Because I am able to be confused and not know the answers; I think therefore I am. 


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