Facebook- Sunday Best



Today it is my brother’s birthday and I am going to write on his Facebook wall a long heartfelt message. He will see it and love it but so will all his 500 friends and my 650 plus friends too. I could easily just call or text but no I will post it.

When something great happens to me or you, what is the first thing we do? Yes-we post it on Facebook, Twitter and hash tag it on Instagram. When my friends and I go out to the mall, we have a great time, watch a funny movie and grab some KFC. What do we do before we leave the mall? Take pictures for the cyber world. In those pictures we look so happy teeth beaming, even I would envy me in that moment.

The truth about social media like Facebook is that it has made us live our lives not in our homes or communities but online with the whole world. Now, the thing about living your life in Public is that you always want to look your best when people are watching. Remember when you were six and every Sunday your mother would prim you up and do your hair so that you looked your uttermost best when you left for church?

Well thanks to Facebook every day and every status update is our Sunday Best. We post about birthdays, promotions, pretty pictures, funny jokes and life accomplishments, and we always thank God for it too. We rarely post about the demotion or the sad or unfortunate event or the depression because when you live online with the whole world looking oh you have to look your best! 


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