My Journey Is Worth the Pain.


Imagine if my life had no problems. If I had no stress, arguments, bad days and people who disappointed me or spoke behind my back. If I had friends that did not have cheating boyfriends or girlfriends, if I had friends who also did not face any challenges in their life. If I woke up every day smiling and walking with a spring in my step. My life would suck honestly! What stories would I then tell and what would I say I learnt in retrospect if I made no mistakes? Nothing!

The other day I was talking to a friend of mine and we were saying how far we had both come since we met nine months ago. I was train wreck and so was she, we still are but not as much now as then. We have a lot of stories now that when we sit down, we cry our eyes out and die from laughter; although when these stories happened we would cry in sadness. She now teases me about how I was an emotional mess and I tease about how she was a troubled mind. But I appreciate those moments now, because I have learnt so much. All the events that have happened in our lives good or bad have taught us so much.

Now I sit and celebrate all my terrible moments, because to me they have been learning curves. My friends have become my family because of the situations we have had to go through. Being there for someone when everything around them is falling apart to me is precious because you make them realise that they are not alone in their struggles. Being there to celebrate your friend’s achievement and them celebrating yours. I realised that most of the time I would go through my day and not really pay attention to all these things.

So to my friend the journey so far has been a great one and there are still many more to come but no matter what may come I know we will weather the storm and you will be there and that for me is enough. Celebrate the people who make your life so good it could become the next New York Times Bestseller.


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