The Shower Effect.


Today I was talking to a friend and he said he had had an amazing idea whilst taking a shower. I then asked if there was any co-relation between great ideas and showering. We laughed and said maybe I should look it up next year as a topic for my Humanities Research paper. Out of curiosity I sat down and Googled it, “The Power Shower Effect…”

I am a person who is not excessively creative but when faced by a problem or an article I want to write my ritual is taking a long hot shower. It always works and I walk of that steamy room feeling like Isaac Newton. I remember once I had to organise an event and I was beside myself and did not know where to start! I had never planned an event of this kind before and I honestly needed to plan and organise-problem was I did not know what to plan for. So I did what I always did, I took a long hot shower and in the middle of my shower my Aha moment came. I had the whole thing planned out in my head and I knew just exactly what I was going to do. When preparing for an exam, after reading and attempting questions I go take a shower and in between showering and singing Marvin Gay I remember and go over my notes in my head- this always guarantees me a pass.

It is said that when Archimedes discovered the principle of Volume and Density he ran out of his bath tub naked and started yelling Eureka in the streets of Syracuse. He did not care that he was naked, the man had made a revolutionary discovery that shaped the principles of Physics. Where was he when this brilliant realisation came to him? The bathtub.  We could equate the effects of a shower to that of a bathtub and that would not be too far of a stretch.

My Google results astonished me for one and also pleasantly surprised me. There is science behind getting the Aha moment whilst showering. When we take a shower our brain relaxes and shuts down the active parts of the brain. We also release a lot of Dopamine which is a produced by our body and increases creativity. When in this state your subconscious is able to rise up to the surface and present ideas to your conscious which in this state has slowed down. This of course is a watered down explanation of what really happens. Check out

There are also many other articles that explain the science behind the shower effect. I now am seriously thinking about taking this as my Humanities Research paper. If you have been hitting a block with a certain problem I suggest you take a shower and come back to it! Let your creative juices flow and showering is for free you really don’t pay for it.





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