Sometimes people walk into our life and you wonder where they come from. They are different, funny and just make you laugh at exactly the right time. In a brief period they move from being the seemingly polite stranger to one of the people you really cannot share your experience without mentioning them.

In September of 2013 I met one such person, a lovely warm hearted being. Someone whom wherever she goes people smile and after she leaves people miss. Ghita, you have been such an inspiration and a joy in my life. I remember the day I thought my life would end and I did not know where to start and all you said was “Keith, all is well” and in the end all was well! You have an infectious craziness that has now unfortunately rubbed off. All of our conversations are marred by your random being and terrible jokes or the “good” ones stolen from Google and Russel Peters.

It has been quite a ride of pizza’s, Bollywood movies and a lot of laughing and crying but I am quite excited to see what will follow.

I remember telling you about this blog and how afraid I was of starting it and your support helped a lot to achieve this. Now look you featuring on it! Ghita, happy birthday you idiot mushroom and all is well! I will truly miss you.


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