Friends Are Like Bicycles.


Having a friend is like having a bicycle. When you first look at it what draws you to it is its bright and shiny colour, then you decide to buy it. You learn how to ride it and at first you fall, bruise your knee and curse at it for being stiff. But once you are familiar with it, it becomes your favourite mode of transport.

With time you slowly develop a liking for it, then you begin to adore it but after a while you love your bicycle. It carries you through rough and bumpy roads. It endures your weight over long journeys and not complain. You reach milestones with your bicycle you go easy on it when climbing an uphill. While climbing you feel like giving up but it will carry you and get you to the top safe and sound.

Just like a friend your bicycle ages fast if you don’t take good care of it. It lets you down when it punctures a tyre but you will always be there to repair the worn out tyres. The chain sometimes gets cranky and loose but you will always be there to oil it and tighten the chain. The seat will start to tear and crack but you will be there to look for a comfortable seat cover to put over the seat. Sometimes you will forget to bring it in the house and leave it outside in the rain, without putting the chain and lock. But tomorrow morning you find it just the way you left it. You will take a cloth and polish your bicycle until the bright shining colour that made you buy it in the beginning starts to show.

Like a friend there will be times when the chain gives in and the breaks lose their grip and you will not be able to fix it. So you take your bicycle to your nearest mechanic and he fixes it in no hurry at all. Then you ride it back home as fast as you can with a smile so broad it shows all your teeth, because you are happy and you know it’s happy too.

Overtime the bicycle starts to lose its sparkle and the paint starts to peel off. The handles start to rust and the pedals begin to come off as well. You think of buying a new and more advanced one which would be faster than the one you have. Then you think of all the tough times you went through with it, the uphill’s it endured, the pain you went through when it got a flat puncture and broke its chain. You think of the difficulty you went through learning and mastering its technique and you decide even though it’s not as fast, or advanced, or shiny as the one you saw it is the one that carried you safely to and fro some of the toughest journeys.  You realise that you have grown to love your bicycle and although some may not see it anymore, in your eyes it’s still shining just like the day you bought it.

What do you liken your friends to?


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