An Ode To Sarah







Dear Sarah,

Sarah you are an amazing being, wise, so so funny, you dare to be yourself and you dare to be stupid. You are also wise and you also swear a lot (yep you do).

I remember the day we sat on the grass by the tennis courts and we started talking. It was not hard to tell you the concerns I had and problems I was facing because as you said “nothing can ever shock you.” From the beginning being open and honest with you was easy, it felt almost like second nature. I really enjoy seeing you on campus or bumping into you because I know you will make me smile and laugh regardless of what crappy shit (see I just swore!) is happening to you or me.

Before we spoke you would always see me and give me a hug, although you had no idea what was going on with me your hugs helped me a lot.

Five Things The World Should Know About Sarah Maacha:

  1. Sarah is beautiful, her eyes with mascara are so hot and her short hair rocks.
  2. Sarah is so funny it is not healthy to be around her for a full 24 hours or else you will die of laughter.
  3. Sarah is mean yet still the most compassionate human being I know
  4. Sarah has the cutest smile and I have the coolest laugh
  5. Sarah’s hugs are the best no bear got nothing on her
  6. If you haven’t met Sarah Maacha I am sorry because you are missing out.

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