Go-go Dancers.


Pretending to be someone that you are not would suggest that you know who you really are but otherwise choose not to be that person. Hence the question do you know who you really are?

Pretending to be someone you are not is like being a Go-go dancer. Every night she wears a different costume, new layers of makeup, dances a new routine and is known by a different name. Everything about her each night is not really true. However to the audience she is as authentic as she can be. Suppose her name is Sally the sensual mistress. Every night the men go see Sally and they do not know anything else about Sally except what they see. Her makeup, her long legs and her red ginger hair. To them Sally is real.

This then begs the question, which one is the real Sally the one we see on stage or the person who is behind the makeup? By pretending to be a Go-go dancer do you eventually become a Go-go dancer? The only danger there is to living life like a Go-go dancer is if after the act we forget to remove our makeup and our outfits. If we forget our real names then we become no one. A no one does not know who he/she is they wait to put on the act of the day and whatever the act requires them to do they become.

This then leads us to the question of what defines us as people. Our identity.  Is it the people who see us perform our acts on stage or is it us? Arguably we know ourselves the best because we see ourselves before and after the act. However what if we lose ourselves amidst the makeup changes and the outfit changes?

As for me, there have been times I have had to be like a Go-go dancer but I will argue and say that it was necessary for my survival. You, I am sure whether you accept or deny it have had to do the same as well.


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