Feminism and Freedom_Saba Mahmood


Today has been really tiring. ☹ As my team might be able to tell, I was quite disappointed that I could not get to the seminal readings for today. However, a part of it was my fault. If I had downloaded the videos I needed on time, I might have been able to finish with the session earlier.

Still, I would like to continue by saying that I am VERY VERY proud of my awesome #emoartists. We achieved a lot today. Unfortunately, I lost my phone but good Samaritans exist! We went shopping for supplies at Macro and somehow…I lost my phone there. Well, somehow, someone helped me take it home and asked me to come pick it up tomorrow.  I am really excited about this.

Also, my curriculum planning buddy and I  have been working really hard on the curriculum and I must give a huge shoutout to Mandisa Zondo because we are really moving efficiently. I like that our sole purpose is not to move quickly but to ensure that we delve into each topic adequately. With camps like these where the times for preparation are so short, I think we run the risk of simply letting things we think are unimportant fall by the side because of pressure. I must admit that at this point, it is difficult for me to make that balance but I’m really glad that my teammate and I are making this work! I believe other teams are also reaching that compromise (but I will try not to assume)

For now, I am still at the office, working my butt off to make sure we have all of this ready by tomorrow. Ciao!

-Sheila Chukwulozie 


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