Ghosts On My Blog!

A friend of mine and I yesterday were talking about our blogs. She then said she found it funny that you would go to your Stats and see “9 people viewed ” and wonder who exactly these people are and what they thought. It’s almost like having Ghosts online, you know they were there but you don’t know them.

This got me thinking why I do blog? What was my reason when I started? I blog because I like to hear other people’s opinions and I value discussions. If I say something and you do not agree I want to know why you are disagreeing with me. Discussions also open our minds to see things differently, we all grow up in different environments and our experiences condition our views. These views mostly change as we grow older and begin to learn more about the world and ourselves. From interacting with different people we begin to look at situations from a different stand point. And I started writing on this blog so I could engage with different people, from different parts of the world who because of where they come from see things differently.

Back to my Ghosts- I appreciate you reading it means to me a whole lot! But for me and I think many other bloggers out there comments are like the ultimate jack pot! What applause are to a performer comments are to a blogger. If you do happen to “view” this don’t forget to also click on the comment section!!


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