Sorry I Am An Optimist!


Optimism some say stands no chance in the real world but if I look at it another way, people who use excuses and fear and circumstance and environment to stop them from doing what they know they want to do call people who don’t do that optimists. 

I have been one of these people for a very long time and some days I am one of them. Those people who say “stop dreaming and think realistically, you could never do that and earn a living!” or “I don’t think you should even tell them how you feel, they are way out of your league” and the best one is that when you convince yourself not to do something because it will not only hurt you but also the ones you love. In your mind by not taking that step or attempting that move you are doing good and being selfless so why be selfish? 

But is that really the case? Sometimes yes but most times no. Most times that voice of reason is not a voice of reason rather it is fear. Sometimes being a realist is what we say when we are too afraid of taking a leap into nothingness. 

It’s scary to be the one that goes against the current, it is daring to be the post-structuralist and it is stupid to be the idealist/optimist. However, it is also exciting to go against the current, it is courageous to be the post-structuralist and it is also revolutionary to be the idealist/optimist.

I have heard some people say they want to make a mark in the world before they die so they can be remembered but the truth is toeing the line and checking all the boxes doesn’t engrave your name in the history of time but being the radical, adventurous stupid one who goes running to the hills definitely did get a couple of people remembered. It is up to you though whether you will be remembered for good or bad. 

I choose to be an optimist and this means constantly reminding myself not to fall for the easy, safe route because in the end I do want to leave a mark in the sands of time-a cliche which is so fitting. 


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