Untitled by @thepaish


Shamim Kelly

Love songs sung, in panic and heaven.
Two hearts met, for somewat non right reasons.
And the world tugged this way and that, forceful winds and the most heavy rains,
yet solidly togther they stood,
The forecast not a matter.
If I were asked to explain it I’d need a new dictionary.
No assembly of words known to man could articulate it.
You were mine and I was yours,
such simplicity surrounded by complexity.
So easy, in an island of our own
but even if we pretended not to see baby, we were engulfed by the deep dark waters around us.
You held my hand as I stood by the shore.
My back to them, but you saw them coming, held me closer as those waves struck me down.
It hit me so hard and
as if that wasn’t enough it dragged me back with it,
into the deep, the…

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