Who Am I ?

I thought I would answer this question because it has been coming up A LOT.

Keith reading Mariama Ba

My answer is never the same. Who I am is a constantly ever changing being. The only thing constant about who I am is change. However, be that as it may, I am a non-conformist writer. I channel all my rebellious self into writing. I challenge everything and everything when I put pen to paper.

To prove a point about how I am constantly changing, a year ago I was a timid conformist. I was not a writer. I was an aspiring scientist, who was going to revolutionize the world of medicine. The one constant in my life beside change is my hunger to bring change. Revolution. Not entirely in the political sense although that is part of it. I have always wanted to do it differently. Find my own path, make my own mistakes. Basically reinvent the light bulb. When I was six my parents stopped buying me race cars, which were my favorite toys. They stopped because whenever I got a new car, I would immediately dismantle it in an effort to see exactly how it functioned. Unfortunately for my parents this meant that I needed a new toy car because the one I had was no more.

Now, this trait of wanting to know how something works in an effort to hopefully try something new and bring about a “revolution” has never changed. Whatever my passion or current occupation- this trait comes through. Currently I am passionate about Literature in Africa. Simply put, I just want more authors from my country and Africa on the main stage. I want to walk into a bookstore which exclusively sells African literature of different genres. Not walking into a bookstore and going over to the “African” section where there are only a shelf of books by three or four authors. Why is it that the latter is more common than the former? I have been trying to answer this question myself. I am sure I am not the first person to raise this question and I certainly will not be the last. Of those who have raised this question present and past what have they done so far? This is where I am. Looking at the past and current efforts of others who feel my frustration. Then my radicalness-for lack of a better word-comes out and says how can I do it differently? How can I bring about a literary revolution in Zimbabwe that will spread like wildfire to the rest of the continent. The voice in my head then says “by doing what has never been done before, by finding other radicals and non-conformists by nature and not only pen.” People who will propel the movement until I can walk into a bookstore exclusively selling African literature.

Today this is who I am. A teenage boy nuts about African Literature who likes to write provocative issues. A non-conformist writer. This is who I equivocally am today. Tomorrow I might be crazy about the stars in the sky or about the shortage of African swimmers in world swimming. But, whatever it is, best believe that I will be bringing a revolution with me to fight that cause. This is who I will always be.


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