Why Worry Mugabe After Mazoe!

This week President Mugabe was named as the African Union Chair. As I was sitting and wondering how my fellow Zimbos felt about this, (scrolling down my Facebook Timeline) I found the paradoy above. This parody made my day, I laughed and found myself drenched in nostalgia. I thought of all my #Mazoemoments. My earliest one is when I was about six, and would go to school with a bottle full of Mazoe, and my bottle would have a plastic seal to stop the juice from leaking but it never worked. I always spoiled my books. I then remembered high school boarding life. Having Mazoe especially towards the end of the term when things were rough made you king. People would literally sell their souls for just a cup of Mazoe.

I realized then as I wallowed in my nostalgia that what made me Zimbabwean or the essence of my nationality was not the headlines about Mugabe being elected chair or how I felt about it. The essence of my nationality lies in the things that connect me with my fellow Zimbabweans. The shared experiences I know any Zimbabwean who has ever breathed Zimbabwean air aka Mwana weVhu would understand. It is my shared experience that will eventually pull me back to Zimbabwe, it is this same feeling of I-need-to-Show -this -to-A-Zimbo which inspires me to come back and build a nation that will experience more shared moments.


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