About Love.

Sometimes the greatest loves are those that never happen. I find myself giving some really good advice to my friends-if I do say so myself about the topic. They sometimes take it and in the end things end well for them, they get over the break up, they learn to love themselves again or they … More About Love.

My Giants…

Isaac Newton who is considered to be a big deal by many especially in physics once said “If I have seen further it is by standing on the shoulders of giants.” Now, I didn’t know this quote before today and maybe that’s because I am not a big science fan but I came across it … More My Giants…

Who Am I ?

I thought I would answer this question because it has been coming up A LOT. My answer is never the same. Who I am is a constantly ever changing being. The only thing constant about who I am is change. However, be that as it may, I am a non-conformist writer. I channel all my … More Who Am I ?

The Oak Tree

Outside my window reminds me of home, Triangle Reminds me of Mopane trees, Baobab and Acacia Reminds me of sugar cane burning, cane cutters and black snow Reminds me of the Saturdays spent watching Giraffes, Impalas and Hyenas at the game park But being here, I am not away Mariama reminds me that friends are … More The Oak Tree